Why get TEFL certified?

Why get TEFL certified?

TEFL certification is the primary qualification needed to teach English as a foreign language. Earning your TEFL certification opens doors to English teaching jobs worldwide and online, creating opportunities for travel, cultural immersion, career advancement, and even high salaries, in some cases. The question is, why not TEFL?!

Become an effective English teacher. It takes more than the ability to speak the English language to effectively teach it to other people. TEFL certification courses teach you essential skills such as setting objectives and lesson planning, teaching nuances of English grammar, and managing student behavior. All of these skills will contribute to the success of the students you teach!

Travel the world and earn money - A recognized TEFL certification is your passport to the world, providing the opportunity to live in another country, rather than just pass through as a tourist. As a TEFL teacher, you can gain deeper insight into your host culture, become part of a community, and make a living at the same time! TEFL-certified teachers can also teach English online, which creates opportunities to become a digital nomad, working from anywhere! Meet Rachel, a digital nomad teaching English online from Mexico!

Improve your resume - While TEFL certification will, of course, lead to English teaching jobs, certification also offers opportunities for professional development to enhance your resume. You can specialize your TEFL training in a high-demand area, such as teaching Young Learners/Teens, Teaching Online, or Teaching Business English, among others.

Develop a career - Employers in a variety of fields value candidates that are flexible, take the initiative, and can adapt to new situations – all skills that you will develop by getting TEFL certified and teaching English. Teaching English can lead to a variety of long-term careers in EFL, either abroad or at home.

Change your life - Whether you’re a recent college grad who wants to see the world, a mid-career professional looking to take a break from the rat race, or someone who would simply like to experience another culture, TEFL makes it possible. With the new insights into yourself and the world, you’ll likely gain a more expansive, global perspective.

Change the world - Lastly, TEFL enables you to empower people around the world with English skills that can lead to better jobs or achieving academic or personal goals. Knowledge of English also enables people to participate more effectively in the global community; by giving them a tool to express their opinions in an international forum, you’ll contribute to multicultural communication and the spread of cultural tolerance. Read more about how learning English changes students’ lives!

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